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HTM Services

Your self-mastery program will be specifically designed to address your areas of concern. Your first session will be a consultation to ensure that the program is a good fit. Sessions occur online once each week by appointment and are specifically designed to address individual concerns. The program includes activities, reminders, and check-ins to ensure progress is achieved. The typical session is 50-60 minutes. Choose a day and time that works for your schedule. This immersive program contains transformative strategies that allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your authentic self. The goal is to ensure that you are achieving your goals and understanding the power within you.

Good for 12 consecutive weeks

The 10-week mastery program integrates six steps to:

1) help you become a more congruent person

2) accept the challenges of adapting to change

3) increase self-awareness

4) assess your decision-making process

5) evaluate choices and coping

6) establish a new mindset

Each step allows you to gain tools from my mastery toolkit.

Scheduled sessions will occur once each week.


Mastery outcomes:

• Complete goal setting based on the self-awareness model

• Discover a more congruent version of you

• Re-establish relationship patterns that are supportive (personal and professional)

• Develop a leadership style and communication patterns that elevate your confidence

• Observe the patterns of behavior and system of beliefs that prevent you from having more productive interactions

• Learn conflict-resolution skills

• Improve emotional intelligence

• Create a new personal vision that is reflective of your toolkit

Good for 6 consecutive weeks

The individual sessions allow you to choose 2 areas of concern to guide your mastery program.

Your session will be dedicated to helping you gain tools and insight and information to propel you forward on your journey of personal growth. If you want to continue the program after the 4 sessions, Dr. Rhonda will send you an invitation to continue with an updated mastery plan.

Scheduled sessions will occur once each week.

Primary Interests (choose 2 areas of concern)

Life Transitions and Setting Goals

Coping Strategies

Conflict Resolution Skills

Understanding your relationships with others

Personal Presentation

Understanding leadership style

Emotional Intelligence


Mastery outcomes:

• Complete goal setting based on areas of concern

• Discover a more congruent version of you

• Increase emotional intelligence

• Gain mastery tools that are unique to your needs


If you are committed to mastering your power, the Kryptonite Crew community is for you. Be a part of a new and unique group of people who are expanding their understanding of self-mastery and interested in joining coaching group. You will receive a consultation, 5 steps to a mastery mindset formula, the Self-Mastery 20 Tips one-sheet, and access to pre-registration for online and in-person event.

Tabitha R.

“I would describe my experience working with Dr. Rhonda as enlightening and transformational. The

homework was excellent and made me think deep about my actions.”

Lisa Driver, MI

“I highly recommend Dr. Rhonda as a mastery coach. She listened and provided feedback and insight that was spot-on for my needs while transitioning to another job.”

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